Sweater Knits 101 Tips for Sewing With Knits + Sources

Are you looking for ways to update your fall wardrobe?

We have lots of ideas in our fall and winter Sew News magazine for 2017. Plus, we have tips and suggestions on refreshing your wardrobe, how to create couture touches, tips on working with pants and so much more! If you are sewing with knits this fall and winter, read below for our favorite suppliers plus expert tips from Stacy Schlyer. And, you’ll find more in the Oct/Nov 2017 issue. Grab a copy here!

GettyImages 758309247 Sweater Knits 101 Tips for Sewing With Knits + Sources One of my favorite things about this knits is their ease of use. I love sewing with knits of all kinds. My wardrobe wouldn’t be the same with out all these gorgeous knits.

Check out these 6 online sources for fashionable and unique sweater-knit fabrics, and share photos of your finished creations on our Facebook wall! And if you know of any other knit sources, be sure to add them in the comments section below.

GettyImages 882910074 Sweater Knits 101 Tips for Sewing With Knits + SourcesTips for sewing with knits

Fabric Choices:

Sweater knit fabrics look similar to hand knit fabric. Most have stretch but in varying degrees. Be sure to consult with your pattern guide to pick the appropriate one.

Sweater knits come in a wide range of fibers, textures and weights. That’s what makes them so wonderful and full of variety.


always choose a sweater knit with good memory and recovery. Stretch the fabric and see if it goes back to it’s original shape. For beginners don’t pick a lacy, unstable knit as  your first try. Pick a sweater knit that is stable and a bit firm.


Follow any manufacturers guide on washing, dry cleaning and the like. Also, ask yourself what this garment will be used for. If it will need a lot of washing you might not want to use a delicate sweater knit.

Pattern Choice:

Only use patterns that are designed for stretch knits unless using a stable knit.

Cutting & Marking:

Notches shouldn’t be used on unstable, loose knits. Try chalk or tailor’s tacks.


Always use a ballpoint needle, new! This will present holes and snags. Size 70/11 is good for finer knits and 80/12 for heavier knits. Use a twin needle for top stitching or on hems.

Use a narrow zig-zag stitch or a serger.

Stabilize seams using a scrap of organza, twill or clear elastic.

Press seams for a professional final look. Be careful with heat. Some knits may require a cloth between it and the iron.

For more tips be sure to read Stacy’s Sweater Knits 101 in the Oct/Nov 2017 issue!

SN1711 Cover 500px Sweater Knits 101 Tips for Sewing With Knits + Sources

  1. Fabric.com: Lots of wool and wool-blend knits in various textures, weights and stripes.
  2. Gorgeous Fabrics: Chic and beautiful Italian knits in yummy colors.
  3. Emma One Sock: A variety of high-quality designer sweater knits, including some with cool embellishments.
  4. Hart’s Fabric: Soft stretch sweater knits in both trendy and classic fall colors.
  5. Fashion Fabrics Club: Tons of choices, including boucle knits, rib knits and mohair blends.
  6. Vogue Fabrics: A few fun choices, including boucle and pretty crocheted yardage.

If you’ve never sewn a sweater knit, don’t worry! The article also includes lots of helpful tips for stitching success, with or without using a serger. Plus, easy projects to get you started on your own love affair with sweater knits.

 Sweater Knits 101 Tips for Sewing With Knits + Sources

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