Project Runway Recap: S16, E6

Project Runway Recap

Season 16, Episode 6: Models Off Duty

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“Is it fashion, or are you just making clothes?” ~Tim Gunn

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This week the designers had to create a street wear look for their model to wear in the heart of NYC for a professional photo shoot. The models would then be able to post these photos on their social media accounts.

Each model chose the designer they wanted to work with, leaving Claire as the last designer to be picked. Samantha seemed the most excited about this challenge, and she was the first designer to be picked by Jazzmine.

Screen Shot 2017 09 22 at 9.01.36 AM Project Runway Recap: S16, E6From the get-go, it seemed like Margarita and Kentaro would be on the top. The way they collaborated with their models seemed effortless, and they both had great attitudes throughout.

Shawn showed some disdain for Samantha’s aesthetic, which just put a bad taste in my mouth. The twins aren’t doing any favors for themselves, and surely won’t be anyone’s fan favorite. Kenya said it best: “…as long as Claire keeps coming to the rescue of her sister, she’s not going to make it.” Claire finishes all of Shawn’s zippers and waistbands. God forbid Claire gets eliminated–how will Shawn finish the rest of her garments moving forward?

The designers had until 1am to sew on day 1, and it was quite humorous watching them all melt down into the wee hours of the morning. I’m not sure the extra time did anyone any good!

Thankfully Brandon had immunity. To quote Samantha, his model “looked like Rey from Star Wars the Force Awakens.” But, Heidi seems to love Brandon’s aesthetic, so he would probably have been safe anyway.

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Claire’s model looked ridiculous. The peplum on the shorts added too much volume and she just looked messy.

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Ayana’s model looked like she just woke up. No thanks, robe!

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Amy’s look was really cool. It looked like NY street wear fashion and I think she did her model proud.

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Margarita’s look was not liked by the judges. Heidi said it looked cheesy and Zac thought it was too “Miami.”

Screen Shot 2017 09 22 at 9.36.53 AM Project Runway Recap: S16, E6Kentaro’s look was super interesting and cool. The judges LOVED it.

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In the end, Kentaro comes on top. I think the win was well deserved. The skinny jeans were actually more like leg warmers, with knit at the upper edge that secured them to the model’s legs! Very innovative!

Why is Claire safe? Her model looked the WORST of all. I’m convinced the twins are staying for the sheer drama they produce.

Unfortunately Samantha lost and ended up going home. I really had high hopes for her in this competition. It’s really sad to see someone go home after all that hard work and impeccable sewing. Tim should have used his save on her, for sure.

What do you think of her design?

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 Project Runway Recap: S16, E6
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3 Responses to Project Runway Recap: S16, E6

  1. KHandcock says:

    I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in thinking Tim Gunn should have used his save! I was SURE he was going to do it.

    I’m also 100% confident the twins are staying for the drama now, a pattern I’ve noticed a number of times in more recent seasons of the show. Which makes me sad, because I used to really enjoy it, and increasingly I get frustrated watching people who shouldn’t stay but make for good TV getting waved into the “safe” category.

  2. carolinamoon says:

    I don’t understand this season at all. All of the seasons, including episode one, had more innovative and better constructed clothes than this season has. Nnia would have torn a couple of these people apart in the past. it’s like she’s been told not to be herself. Even Zac would have had some choice things to say, but now he acts like he’s dealing with children and doesn’t want to hurt their feelings. I’m thoroughly disappointed. Wish we had the old days back. Does anyone else feel this way?

  3. Ginger says:

    I agree on 2 points — the twins are just there for the drama. I hope the judges wise up soon and send them both home on the same week. Actually, I’m guessing that has a high chance of happening.

    And, #2 — Samantha does have some great ideas. I think it’s silly they keep saying “we want to see what you’re wearing”. Her designs do line up with how she dresses. I think Tim might just save her — he did that one season — didn’t tell them at the end of the show but at the first of the next.

    It’s been a good season but I am really sick of the twins.