Pants Pattern Review: Emerson Crop Pants by True Bias

The month of October we’re celebrating Pants Month. We’ll have tips and tricks for making pants of your own. As well as reviews from all the editors of Sew News on their favorite pant patterns. Up first is Amanda who is reviewing the Emerson Crop Pant from True Bias.emerson Pants Pattern Review: Emerson Crop Pants by True Bias

Pattern: Emerson Crop Pants, True Bias

Fabric: Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen

Size: 14

Any Adjustments: None! These were perfect as is.

Review: At 5’2”, I wasn’t sure if the wide-legged crop pants style would work for me, but I’m quite sold now. There are loads of finishing and construction details that make this pattern fabulous, but I’m particularly fond of the waistband: the flat front is classy (for elastic band pants) and it is super comfortable. The featured fabric is a linen/rayon blend to reduce wrinkles but this pattern works well with a variety of fabric types and can transition easily across seasons.

Screen Shot 2017 09 26 at 11.01.08 AM 226x300 Pants Pattern Review: Emerson Crop Pants by True BiasAfter making my initial pair of pants for the magazine review, I’m officially on an Emerson Crop Pants bender! I’ve made the following with this pattern:

  • 3 pants (including a pair for my mom)
  • 2 shorts
  • 3 hacked skirts (using the waistband and pockets)

I have yet to make a full-length pair, but that’s still on the list. And next spring, I’ll be ready to make more, I’m sure. It’s such a great warm weather basic.

I find that True Bias patterns fit me well, particularly for pants. I’ve only seen one recommendation – to extend the back crotch curve a tad to avoid a wedgie scenario – but I did not personally have that problem – straight size 14 fit me perfectly. If you have a long crotch curve, you might look into that adjustment.

Have you made these pants? What did you think, are they going to be a staple in your wardrobe?


 Pants Pattern Review: Emerson Crop Pants by True Bias
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