Project Runway Recap: S16, E 8 Client On The Go

Project Runway Recap -Season 16, Episode 8: Client on the Go

There are only 9 designers left, and the front runners are really separating themselves from the flock.

This week’s challenge was sponsored by Dixie cups. The designers had to create looks using a custom textile, and the winning print would eventually be printed onto Dixie cups! Plus, the winner gets $25,000. Huge stakes.

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To add to the chaos, the designers created looks for the friends and family of the Project Runway crew. Real ladies with real bodies, who had real opinions about what they liked/disliked.

First, off, let’s celebrate that Shawn is gone!

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The episode began with the twins facing off in a one-hour sewing challenge. Fifteen minutes into the challenge, Shawn still hadn’t created anything; meanwhile, Claire had half of a dress already draped. Shawn requested Tim and promptly conceded. Many tears were shed (even by Tim), but then Shawn was escorted out of the building. Claire powered through the next challenge, despite her model stating that she hated prints…in a print challenge! Please notice the dress that Shawn is wearing in this picture. It will look very similar to Claire’s final look…

There was a lot of focus given to Claire because she started draping a top that looked exactly like Margarita’s winning look of last week. Margarita couldn’t help but notice, as did most of the other contestants (especially her BFF Michael), and it threw her off of her game. She ended up making the worst garment of the week, but had immunity so she was safe. Phew! I really like her and hope she can regain her focus and drive.

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Ayana made an ice skating outfit (that’s all I could see), but somehow she was also safe.

Screen Shot 2017 10 06 at 10.25.41 AM Project Runway Recap: S16, E 8 Client On The Go

Brandon stuck with his aesthetic and his model wore it well. I thought it was interesting, but not something I would ever wear.

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Kentaro came up with a beautiful dress that his model loved. She wanted something she could wear to a wedding that was taking place in India. He nailed it with the colors and details: pleating across the back, draping across the front, plus a cool jacket.

Screen Shot 2017 10 06 at 10.26.12 AM Project Runway Recap: S16, E 8 Client On The Go

He should have won, IMO. And he was in the top 3…but let’s discuss the others in the bottom before we get to that.

Michael really missed the mark on fit and flattery. His model wanted something Native-American inspired. I think his print was interesting, but what is happening with those pants? Apparently, Michael needs to take some cues from “Pants Month.” And the slit in the sleeves? Just too much going on.

Screen Shot 2017 10 06 at 10.26.38 AM Project Runway Recap: S16, E 8 Client On The Go


Poor, poor Kenya. Her model really loved her and this design. But the proportions were all off and there were too many peplums going on. She designed her print for the cup, not for the top, and it shows.

Screen Shot 2017 10 06 at 10.26.19 AM Project Runway Recap: S16, E 8 Client On The Go


And, ladies and gents, the winning look made by none other than Claire.

Screen Shot 2017 10 06 at 10.26.03 AM Project Runway Recap: S16, E 8 Client On The Go

While I like the overall look, please remember Margarita’s dress from last week and the top Shawn was wearing at the start of the show. See any resemblance? Borrowing style elements from other designers is one thing, and I suppose it’s not against the rules…but it doesn’t mean she’s being innovative or original. And apparently Michael and Margarita saw her measuring her own pants to pattern this design!

Screen Shot 2017 10 06 at 10.25.17 AM Project Runway Recap: S16, E 8 Client On The Go

At the announcement of Claire winning, Michael walked off the stage declaring unfairness, and Margarita left to find Michael. Heidi had no idea what was going on, and neither did Claire! No one called her out during the competition for her actions, so she was completely in the dark. We’re left to wonder: Did Claire actually win? And who goes home? We’ll have to wait for next week to find out.

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 Project Runway Recap: S16, E 8 Client On The Go
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8 Responses to Project Runway Recap: S16, E 8 Client On The Go

  1. SirenCall says:

    Since when does the simp Michael “see” what’s going on in the apartment with Claire measuring a pair of pants? The room assignments are not co-ed. Making Michael a Liar and/or at least someone who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. Something Claire is not, having come clean when finally confronted face to face. Michael wants to play “fair” … what a joke.

    As for Margarita…nice underhanded way to get rid of her competition. If you can’t do it fairly … by designing a decent dress … babble on about buses in an oblique way and rile up a little minion like Michael.

    Margarita and Michael cannot be shown off the show fast enough. And Kenya seems to be deluded enough and Borderline enough to also believe that Claire copied Margarita’s design. Because Margarita told her so. A design that never even made it down the runway in the Dixie Cup challenge! Besides, Tim said Claire was duplicating her OWN design, which she executed before Margarita won with it, and who therefore, must have copied Claire.

    We saw Margarita throw the model under the bus already. So no matter what…her stinky character has been exposed. She feels bad…doubtful…she’s probably more pleased that she got rid of her strongest competition. I used to like Kenya…but she drank Margarita’s kool-aide, so not a lot of integrity there either.

  2. Mimsy Borogoves says:


  3. MELI JEGASINI says:

    Sorry to hog space but I’m trying to be fair. I still stand firm with the judges on who won the competition this week.
    Brandon was a blast, as always but his design this week was a bit underwhelming. Kentaro made an okay dresd but it was just a big glob of fabric with some nice plating in the back. If I would ever wear that it would probably be only one time for a specific event and a cannont think of 1 right now.
    All of the other designers just didn’t make anything worth buying or worth analyzing. It was clear that Claire should have won this competition and anyone who would say otherwise absolutely knows nothing about design.
    And if you go back through the programs, as I have 2 times now, you will see that Claire and her sister were treated horribly from the very beginning of the season until the spoiled brat, Michael, walks off the stage this week. How immature and unfair to the audience. Get rid of Margarita. She stirs up too much conflict. She stood there in front of the judges and said she didn’t wanna throw anyone under the bus. There was no one to throw under the bus but herself. And Michael is just too callow to continue! They two are Bad Seeds!

    AND in the future, I would watch out for Kentaro. He’s a very sneaky little guy. Brandon should be wary of him.

  4. MELI JEGASINI says:

    I just re-read my post and was amazed at how my new Note 8 changes everything that I say. So, until I can find the proper settings, please overlook the typos and read between the lines. Thank you.

  5. MELI JEGASINI says:

    I thought Margarita was extremely childish and very distasteful with all of the acusations she made about Claire. First of all, Margarita is the one who imitated and pretty much copied an outfit that Claire had made earlier so, if Margarita thinks Claire was the one who is stealing her design she needs to take step back. It is the other way around. I do not believe she won last week with pants and a top. Even Tim said that Claire had done the same draping in her earlier work. When Margarita won with her shirt dress last week I didn’t see any well tailored pants under it either

    Then, when Clare comes up with this extremely awesome fitting outfit with the wonderful pattern and design (which I seriously want to purchase), the claws in Margarita came out again. Margarita starts acting like a fool because she thinks that maybe Claire will beat her at designing so what does mean-spirited Margaria do? She preys upon the most sensitive souls in the contest and gets them all riled up against Claire when they actually have nothing to complain about at all. I am not speaking about Brandon when I say that because he is a well-grounded young man who turns out very intuitive garments. He is kind to everyone. But all of the others have never even had the courtesy to talk to Claire, largely because of her sister’s need for support and help. I am happy to say that her sister realized her errors, took a backseat to her sister, and went home. That was a very mature thing to do.

    So, to surmise, I believe the ship began a mutiny again, (except for Brandon) with the weaker members of the crew ragging on Claire and getting nearly everyone drawn into one fat mess.

    Personally I think that Claire has been bashed on the show from the beginning. If you go back and you look at clips of the show again you will see the ugly remarks and faces that Margarita made at Claire and her sister. Obviously no one there understands which identical twins are actually like and no one really seems to have any empathy for the fact that Claire’s sister was continually confused by time lines. She was a talented designer but did not work well under these pressure of time limits. They all help each other except for Claire and her sister. It’s just not right.

    I think Margarita should just be made to go home. Immunity might keep you from having a crappy outfit send you home but does it stop you from sabotaging the whole show? Margarita is not the type of personality that can handle the fashion industry.

    Someone needs to have a talk with these soft-hearted guys too. They were sucked into the whole event by Margarita and her friends. Totally shutting someone out of conversations is grade school behavior and just being a bully.

    I think the judges called it perfectly this week and that Claire had the right to win because for design was outstanding and so was our fabric. Requirement was also extremely pleased with the results And that’s the bottom line, isn’t it? I am proud of the work Claire has done, now that she’s free to design on her own, but it would be nice if some if these hateful wanna-be Prima Donas gave her a kind word or two now and then. I suppose some just too intimidated by the competition. If you notice, there’s not many people that say much to Brandon either. He’s a threat and they know it.

    Bravo on your decision judges to give Claire the winning design. Again, I would like to know how I might be able to purchase this outfit and I am as serious as I can be. My email address is listed above. If you could let me know if this outfit by Claire is available for sale and where I can buy it, I would be very appreciative. If not now, maybe later on? Do these designers ever make okne peice for a customer while they are competing or do they have too wait until the competition is over? I WANT TJAT PRINT OUTFIT BY CLAIRE, BADLY!


    P.S. I just wanted to add that during one of the beginning shows I noticed that Nina Garcia was looking very tired, was a bit short tempered, and not very fashionable. I suppose she was just going through a difficult time then because now she is the epitome of what every woman wants to look like. Of course we all want to look like Heidi too but then we can’t look like either one of you so we will just keep following your advice and trudge onward.
    THANKS for all of your efforts (you too Tim)!

    • Jill says:

      Great comment!

    • Mimsy Borogoves says:

      Ms. Jegasini
      To champion such an unbounded attack on Margarita while purporting that Michaels character is juvenile leaves you in the company of those you appear to so eloquently repudiate. Fashion is subjective and to write that Claire should have won along with the comment that “anyone who would say otherwise absolutely knows nothing about fashion” is but a backhanded compliment from yourself to yourself.
      The twins fully within their rights, showed little desire to interact with anyone but themselves as did other designers who decidedly paired with a like minded spirit to the seeming exclusion of others. To single them out as “treated horribly” is baseless and is indiscriminate.
      My personal feelings are that the winning look was singularly conventional, with the full understanding that this is my particular taste and perception.
      To suggest that Kentaro is “a very sneaky little guy” is a personal character judgement and is judgement lacking in first hand knowledge, as is the comment about “Margarita not being the type of personality that can handle the fashion industry” or the cavalier deduction that some members of the cast are weaker than others and of Nina looking tired and not very fashionable.“ I, as a member of the “every woman” category, also take issue with a blanket statement that every woman wishes to look or be like anyone else. I have never had the desire to emulate, be like, or wear any garment that Nina or Heidi has sported. I am wholly content being me.
      And…Michael is actually correct in that many decisions on reality programs, this one included are decidedly at the disgression of producers in order to preserve and promote interest and drama in their product often with little regard to fairness or equity. It appears to be working flawlessly.

  6. Agnes lloyd says:

    Lots of shenagins going on between the twins. Unfair to the others. They got away with too much stuff They both should have been eliminated last week. End of the drama