Pants Pattern Review: Hudson Pants by True Bias

If you’re just getting started sewing pants we’ve got plenty of tips and suggestions for you. All month long is Pants Month here at Sew News. We’ll have tips and reviews or our favorite pant patterns. We have trouser pants, elastic waist pants, roomy pants, unstructured pants. You name it we’ve probably reviewed it. Look through the blog, pick your favorite style and get to sewing!

hudson pants Pants Pattern Review: Hudson Pants by True BiasPattern: Hudson Pants, True Bias

Fabric: Mystery waffle knit, likely poly blend

Size: 14

Any Adjustments: I find that True Bias Pants fit me well with little to no adjustment. I shortened these by 2 1/2” but made no other adjustments.

Screen Shot 2017 09 26 at 11.08.15 AM 202x300 Pants Pattern Review: Hudson Pants by True BiasReview: The Hudson Pants from True Bias were one of the first joggers on the scene and they are much beloved. I’ve been meaning to try them for myself – this was the perfect opportunity! The pattern was designed for knits, including heavier weight knits like sweatshirt fabric with good stretch/recovery, and includes a cropped mid-calf version.

I cut a straight size 14 and shortened them slightly. All this pants making has made me realize just how short my legs are – bonus point: I don’t need a lot of yardage for pants!

And you guys, the hype is true: these are great. The fit is spot on. And this mystery knit, which I thought for sure would pill and pick, has held up really well. They’re perfect for lounging and jogging, though I haven’t done any of that yet! I was initially skeptical about the wide elastic waistband, as it’s a good bit wider than most skirts, pants and shorts I’ve sewn. But I’m a convert: I think wider is more comfortable!

 Pants Pattern Review: Hudson Pants by True Bias
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