Sewing Wool for Winter

As the weather get chillier and we move into winter proper, my thoughts turn to sewing something to keep me warm… and that means sewing with wool. Wool is naturally insulating and, like most natural fibers, is easy to sew; the biggest issue most sewists have is dealing with bulk on thicker wools meant for coats and jackets. But there are several easy ways to seam wool coatings to avoid too much bulkiness — learn more about that in the February/March 2018 issue of Sew News, on newsstands Jan. 23. Here’s a sneak peek!

jacket cropped 728x1024 Sewing Wool for WinterWool is interesting, too — did you that it’s naturally fire-resistant? Or that one Merino sheet can produce nearly 5,500 miles of wool fiber in a year? Or that in ancient times, wool fleece was used to collect water in the desert by leaving it out overnight to collect dew, then wringing it out?

sewing with wool 1016 page1 228x300 Sewing Wool for WinterI got these tidbits from the Sewing with Wool ebook from Sew News. It’s chock full of information about the history of wool, the wool-making process, and sewing with wool. A large part of the information comes from contributor Katrina Walker, who owns her own sheep and is consequently very well informed about the process! The ebook also includes a classic woolen cape project that’s fun and feminine. I highly recommend it for anyone who’s interested in sewing with wool, and also for people who are fascinated by the workings and details of different fibers, their manufacture and trivia about them (people like me!). You can find it at

What would you like to sew with wool?

Kate signature1 Sewing Wool for Winter

 Sewing Wool for Winter
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  1. Nancy Bonaguro says:

    I just received my Dec./Jan. 18 issue. Another terrific issue filled with “have-to-do” projects. Now I see the sneak preview of Feb./Mar. and I can’t wait to be able to read it! What a beautiful blue wool jacket!!! Thanks for the Sewing with Wool ebook!