Nancy Zieman Loses Battle with Cancer

It is with tremendous sadness that we bring you the news of Nancy Zieman’s passing. It was a little more than two months ago that we learned of Nancy’s retirement due to health issues.

Nancy Zieman 2 Nancy Zieman Loses Battle with Cancer

Nancy was a dear friend, a true champion for the sewing industry and a great support of Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery magazines, having contributed content for various issues over the years.

Nancy was a pioneer for sewing on television, and hosted Sewing with Nancy on PBS , debuting in 1982.

Nancy Zieman 1 Nancy Zieman Loses Battle with Cancer

You can learn more on Nancy’s website, how pass on her love of sewing, and where to send donations in her honor.

We will miss her terribly and welcome you to join us in thanking her for everything she’s done to further our sewing education.

Sew Long, Dear Friend

Nancy Zieman 3 208x300 Nancy Zieman Loses Battle with Cancer



 Nancy Zieman Loses Battle with Cancer
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54 Responses to Nancy Zieman Loses Battle with Cancer

  1. Jacqueline Weber says:

    I just found her on Public television in Broward County, Florida and now she’s gone. What a terrible thing for that wonderful sewing person and show. Whenever I traveled the first thing I grabbed was a channel guide in my hotel room. I always searched for sewing or knitting but quilting just didn’t grab me.
    I must have just about every book, video or CD put out there by Ms.Zieman and her friends. Needless to say, she was the” best” for me.

    My sympathy to her family and friends.

    Jackie Weber

  2. Charlotte says:

    My sympathy for family. I always wanted to meet her. Such a kind wonderful human being. So respected. I just feel so sad & heartbroken that this has happened. I adid m without words

  3. Joy says:

    I loved watching her show. She was an excellent teacher and I learned a lot. I hope that PBS will continue to air episodes of her show in syndication. The show is very educational and can teach generations to come.

  4. Sherry Hart says:

    What a wonderful lady. I still have vhs tapings I did of her very first shows. Could not wait for Saturdays when she aired on my local PBS channel. A great educator and lovely
    person. Condolences to her family. She will certainly be missed by the sewing and quilting community. God Bless you Nancy, you surely earned your heavenly rest.

  5. RON WILLIAMS says:

    I’m a guy who watches Public Television. I’m not a sewist, but I watched Nancy’s program often and admired her professional and personal way of presenting her material on the show. I was shocked to learn not only of her passing, but her illness, which never seemed to change her. She was truly one of a kind. She will certainly be missed by many who were guided by her thoughtful and careful way of instruction in her profession and craft.

  6. Jan Carr says:

    I am so very sorry to hear this. My deep sympathy to her family and friends. I enjoyed her show for many years. Her show inspired many creative ideas. She will be greatly missed. The best part of her show was that she made you feel like a friend… a friend who wanted to learn something new or had forgotten how to do something, regardless, she made you feel like an equal, capable of doing anything. She will be remembered by us all.

  7. Judy Snow says:

    I truly will miss Nancy and her TV show. Learned a tremendous amount from her books, videos and shows over a lot of years. I could sew clothing well but watching her shows and reading her books helped turn me into a much better, more particular seamstress.

  8. Sandy Kiser says:

    Thank you Nancy for years of your marvelous instruction. i know you must be with the Lord. Prayers for your family.

  9. Liisa Tusen says:

    Too sad. I will miss her. Rest in peace

  10. Ann B says:

    Deepest sympathy to Nancy’s family. I will miss her dearly. Started watching her on TV many years ago and enjoyed meeting with her every year at the Sewing Expo in Washington. She has been dearly missed the last few years at the show. I truly hope they continue to air her shows on PBS, love to watch her teach.

  11. Loraine says:

    She was a pioneer for so many. Such an inspiration! From Nancy’s Notions to her show that is still going… I am sure she will be missed by many , especially her dearest friends and family. May God bless and keep them all. Keep sewing and teach others as she did. Rest in peace Nancy .

  12. Barbara Maloney says:

    So sad. She will be missed by so many. RIP Nancy. “Bye for now”.

  13. Mary says:

    So sad. I enjoyed watching her on T V. She was one of a kind. She will be missed. God bless her family.

  14. Ann Rippel says:

    Rest In Peace.

  15. Helen says:

    What an inspiration her life has been! She will so missed. Condolences to her family!

  16. Brenda says:

    I watched her shows for years. Nancy was one of my favorite sewing personalities when she came to the Sewing Expo in Washington. I learned so much from her over the last 30 years. She will be sorely missed. Love, hugs and prayers to the family for their loss.


  17. Mollie Steklenburg says:

    I’ll be praying for her friends and family. She meant so much to all of us in the sewing world. She was such an inspiration to me and she had such a great sense of humor. Heavens gain is the worlds loss but she will live on in the hearts of all those who knew her. Gods Blessings!

  18. Barbara Parmer says:

    This breaks my heart. I so enjoyed her show and she was such a great teacher. Sending up prayers for her family.

  19. Sandra Eiselstein says:

    It is truly heartbreaking news. I was hoping the cancer wouldn’t take her from us at all or at least not so soon. I’m going to miss her so much on tv but she will be in my sewingroom forever with her books and catalogs. RIP my sweet dear friend, you taught me so much and your the reason I sew today and teach my one daughter and niece to try. I never got to meet you, that makes me sad!

  20. Sherry says:

    She started her shows about the time i had two kids and a limited budget, you could actually make kids clothes more economically than buying them ready made. I learned so much over the years. The world has lost a true lady :0(

  21. Linda Jones says:

    She was a wonderful teacher and will always be missed.

  22. Mavis Holt says:

    I will miss Nancy. I took classes from her in the eighties. She personally encouraged me as I was starting a sewing and alterations business in my home in Minnesota. Her inspiration kept me going and I learned new things watching her shows. My skills improved and my business succeeded as long as I needed it. I will never forget her kindness. My condolences to her family. Thank you for sharing her. M Holt

  23. Peggy Hall says:

    I am so sorry to hear of her passing, She will be missed by many. She was an inspiration

    to many . She is our prayers, she has gone to her rewards, which are many.

  24. E Guy says:

    She will be greatly missed! She showed me to never be afraid to take some risks with my sewing and never stop pushing myself to learn new techniques.
    My thoughts are with her family.

  25. Rose says:

    She will be missed. I learned a lot from her. Now I’ll learn more when we meet in heaven.

  26. Carolyn Davis says:

    I have loved watching her almost from the beginning. Got to meet her in person once. Praying for her family. She will be greatly missed. She taught us a lot.

  27. Pauline says:

    I remember taping her PBS episodes. And I still have them. God watch over you and your family.

  28. Pauline says:

    What an inspiration. I remember taping her episode’s. I still have them. God watch over you and your family.

  29. Juliana Hopman says:

    There will be a big hole without her. All the years of watching her on Saturday mornings. So sad

  30. Veronica Jones says:

    Im so deeply sorry to hear of Nancy’s passing… I have DVR’ed so many episodes so I could always refer back to seeing projects that my Grandchildren wanted me to make for them. Nancy was such a joy to watch… She will be so dearly missed… May God’s love and blessings be with her family at this very sad time… Thank Nancy for sharing your amazing talent of sewing and creating beautiful things…

  31. Barbara says:

    I have enjoyed watching Nancy for years, so long that it seemed like she was a personal friend. I will miss learning from her and hope that PBS will continue to air her shows so the next generation can benefit from all they have to offer.

  32. Barbara says:

    My sincere sympathy to her family. I am sadden by this loss. Loved her program! May her programs continue on in some fashion.

  33. Martha Crites says:

    What a loss.
    Nancy, taught so many of us through out the years.
    What a trooper.
    May God bless and keep her.

  34. Redcurlzs says:

    I was so sorry to hear this news about Nancy and would like to express my sympathies to her family and friends.

  35. Elaine says:

    My deepest condolences to Nancy’s family. I have watched her show for many, many years. I used to tape the shows to watch later as well. I still have all of those VHS tapes that I can still watch. It will be like keeping her in my sewing room. I will miss her genuine smile and calm and peaceful spirit.

  36. Carolyn Otash says:

    This is the saddest news. I loved to watch her program and videos. She had so many wonderful ideas and amazing at how she would instruct us. What an inspiration she was. My prayers are with her family and loved ones. She will surely be missed.

  37. Deepest sympathies to her family and close friends. How I will miss her shows on PBS. She has a been an incredible teacher. I have learned countless tips for improving my sewing from simple techniques to rather complex ones. Always learned something from Nancy shows. Even after all my years of sewing it was always a joy to learn something new with her. Rest in peace Nancy.

  38. Yvonne Heiberger says:

    So sorry,nancy was a great lady she was the best of all us. I am so sorry for her passing.

  39. Sue Beal says:

    Always such a joy to watch her shows she will be truly misses. May God be with her family now.

  40. Jean Ivory says:

    Like so many in the sewing world, I have learned so much from Nancy Zieman. She transformed her love and expertise into a lucrative business but she always maintained her beautiful spirit and love for teaching. Thank you, Nancy.

  41. Heidi Soja says:

    I was so inspired by her watching her show & learning from her over the years. When I had to give up my favorite hobbies due to vision loss, sewing was one thing I could do with my ability to focus. I love her ‘no obstacles, strait forward way of sewing.’ She had a kind, gentle way about her that made sewing a calming experience. I will truly miss this spectacular lady & teacher.

  42. Dennis says:

    I just heard the sad news about Nancy. I have watched her program for many years. She has taught me many useful techniques. Thank you Nancy, for everything you have given to us over the many years of your career. There will never be another person like you, Nancy. May God bless you and your family. Rest in peace.

  43. Christine Burns says:

    Nancy was amazing to watch. Her show helped me get back to sewing after cancer treatment. I am grieved to hear of her passing. I will truly miss her. My prayers are with her & her family.

  44. Ellen says:

    She was a class act, and taught so many. I cannot begin to list the things I learned from her. A lovely person gone too soon.

  45. Sandy Gourley says:

    Such a beautiful person we all have lost, especially her family. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

  46. Nita Babcock says:

    She didn’t know me but I went to a sewing expo she was at. I truly have a great respect for this lady! She was witty, natural & a true loving spirit! She will be greatly missed!

  47. Barbara says:

    So sorry to hear this. She was such as inspiration, a wonderful teacher!! I learned so much from her. She will be missed!!!!

  48. Casey LeCleir says:

    Sorry to hear of Nancy’s passing. I have watched her for years and learned a great deal from her show and books. She will certainly be missed.

  49. Marian Martin says:

    The world has lost a wonderful lady. Thank you for the video you made for me, I will treasure it always.

  50. Jeanie Crutchfield says:

    So sorry. I am glad I watched so many of her shows . Learned a lot . Condolences to the family .