Easy Sew Holiday Stockings

Thanksgiving’s over, which means it’s time to get out the Christmas decorations!

I love decorating the Christmas tree, then putting the final touch to the room by hanging the stockings by the fireplace. In my house, the stockings are knit — the one that lives at my parents’ house was made for me by my grandmother — but at my in-law’s house, the stockings are sewn, appliquéd with seasonal motifs and personalized. My husband made me a similar one the first year we were married, which is the one I use when we do Christmas at my in-laws’.HB Stocking kit 908x1024 Easy Sew Holiday Stockings

Stockings tend to be family keepsakes — but of course families are always changing. People are added and families blend through marriage, birth or adoption. Which means there’s often a need for a new stocking or two!

I’m personally fond of the stocking trio by Heidi Boyd. Inspired by a vintage stockings from the ’50s and ’60s, they use felt and simple appliqué to create a simple but striking holiday effect. I have a special love for the reindeer with his happy face and jaunty holly adornment. Or maybe it’s because the one my husband made features a reindeer too!

Find the Heidi Boyd Stocking Kits at shopsewitall.com, or purchase the patterns only for all three. Either way, you’ll also get a video that takes you through the appliqué and construction process, ensuring that the final product will be treasured for years to come.





 Easy Sew Holiday Stockings
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