Embroidery Hoop Place Cards

We hope you’re on your way to having a handmade holiday!

We thought these mini embroidery hoops made the cutest place cards, so we’ll be adding them as a little personal touch to our holiday tables. The package comes with three hoops, and instructions for how to assemble the hoop once you’ve completed your mini embroidery.

10 1024x685 Embroidery Hoop Place Cards

If your guests have short names, you can hand embroider their entire names on a small scrap of fabric and insert it into the hoop frame. I found it easiest to embroider one letter–the letter of the first name. I used a backstitch, but a stem stitch or short running stitch would also work. Here’s a handy Hand Embroidery Stitch Guide to help you form your stitches. You could also embroider a little ball ornament, snowman, Santa hat or candy cane motif on each one instead of a name or letter! How cute!

Use a removable marking pen (I used this one) to draw your name, letter or motif onto the fabric right side. Knot the thread end. (I used Sulky Petites so it would be thicker than standard thread but thinner than floss. Perle cotton was too thick and textured for a clear read on the letters.) Begin the embroidery from the fabric wrong side, bringing it up to the right side. Embroider the chosen design and then knot off the thread on the fabric back.

9 Embroidery Hoop Place Cards

Assemble the hoop, and then place it on the plate or on top of the napkin. Before glueing the hoop backing in place, you could add a string or ribbon in order to use the hoop as an ornament or gift tag after dinner. And each guest gets to take one home! Personalized present done!

It looks great with a more casual decor scheme, but also works with an elegant table setting, too.

17 Embroidery Hoop Place Cards

18 Embroidery Hoop Place Cards

Happy Handmade Holidays!

 Embroidery Hoop Place Cards
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  1. Harlize Theron says:

    I really love Celestial Embroidery DesignsI am gonna try them for sure, nice, color-full and creative one.

  2. The embroidery hoop place cards project is a very creative way to impress my guest. I love the idea.
    Thank you very much!