5 Kid-Friendly Sewing Projects for Winter Break

Keep your kids busy during winter break with some fun easy sewing projects. The projects listed below are recommended for kids ages 8-12, and adult supervision is recommended!

If your child is new to sewing, make sure to introduce him to the machine and point out all of the machine functions. Install a new needle and show the child how sharp the needle is (same goes for fabric scissors). It’s imperative to teach him to keep his little fingers away from the needle at all times, letting the machine guide the fabric under the presser foot rather than using fingers/hands to push/pull it through. Wind a bobbin and thread the machine, referring to the machine manual. Begin by having the child sew several straight lines onto fabric scraps. Change the stitch type to keep it interesting. Then move on to an easy project! (For more tips on how to teach kids to sew, look to our free ebook.)

Easy Fleece HatHats Lg 5 Kid Friendly Sewing Projects for Winter Break

These cute hats are made with only two seams and the lower edge is left raw, as fleece won’t fray. The cuff portion is stitched with right sides together, while the main hat is stitched with wrong sides together. This project is a good lesson on right/wrong side and why it’s important to have precise seam allowances.

Drawstring Bag

WashGo 5 Kid Friendly Sewing Projects for Winter Break

This bag is easily modified for any size. Have your kid choose a fun fabric print and drawstring cord to match. With two simple side seams and a simple drawstring casing, this can be completed in less than an hour.

Cat Softie

Screen Shot 2017 12 14 at 10.42.56 AM 5 Kid Friendly Sewing Projects for Winter Break

Who doesn’t love a new stuffed animal? This cat softie is for a bit more advanced beginner sewist, simply because the tail is curvy. Have your kid practice sewing a curve on scrap fabric before sewing the tail. Or sew the tail for her and have her complete the rest. The pattern is also easily changed into an owl by eliminating the tail altogether and adding half circle appliques to the front piece for owl wings. Use permanent fabric marker to draw the cat face, or teach basic hand embroidery stitches and create the face in thread.

Heart Pincushion

hearts pincushion 768x785 5 Kid Friendly Sewing Projects for Winter Break

This project is a lesson in piecing–be sure to emphasize why seam allowances are important when matching pieces. If your child wants to move on to making a quilt, this a great starter project. You can also use up fabric scraps for this little project, with no matching needed!

Beginner Pillowcase

Pillowcase 5 Kid Friendly Sewing Projects for Winter Break

This pillowcase is made “burrito-style” so no raw edges are exposed on the cuff. The instructions are a simple series of straight stitches, but the pillowcase is easily embellished with additional applique, embroidery monogram or rickrack/trim.

I hope one or more of these projects keep your kiddos busy during their time off school. Have fun and happy sewing!


 5 Kid Friendly Sewing Projects for Winter Break
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