Travel in Comfort & Style

Oh the joys of traveling during the holidays. It’s always more stressful than usual, with many more people fitting into trams, busses, rental car shuttles, carrying much more stuff.

And then there’s the accommodations after you arrive. Whether you’re staying in a hotel or at a relative’s house, comfort isn’t in the cards. You’re away from your nice comfy bed, your favorite pillow, your toasty blanket. And even if your family makes every effort to welcome you, a good night’s sleep is hard to achieve.

The solution? Bring some comforts with you–and make sure they’re small enough to cram into your already overly packed suitcase. Some of these items are easily made with your sewing machine, while others are best purchased and then embellished with embroidery. Either way, you can easily add a touch of handmade to these items so they’ll also make great gift ideas, if you happen to forget your Aunt Margaret or Cousin Ted at gift-giving time.

1. Neck Pillow

HeadRest 200 Travel in Comfort & StyleThis sews up in no time, and works on the plane, train or even in a hotel bed. Add an embroidered monogram to easily coordinate your other travel accessories.

2. Gauze Scarf

scarf 200 w Travel in Comfort & StyleThis scarf has cute pompom trim sewn to the sides, but you could omit that and make it even simpler. Choose a luxurious fabric, such as silk or even velvet, and simply hem the edges. Cozy up to this scarf on the plane or on chillier mornings while having your morning cup o joe.

3. Travel Sheet

Brave Era Gray Travel Sheet with Phone 1 Travel in Comfort & StyleMade of silk, this travel sheet wraps you in heaven. It’s constructed similarly to a sleeping bag, so you slip into it easily. It’s so lightweight and takes next to no room in your suitcase. Plus, you can embroider it with your monogram or lacework designs for the ultimate in personalization. Slip this between the covers in your hotel bed or sister Lucy’s hide-a-bed and you’ll sleep like a baby. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and protects from bedbugs and mosquitoes!

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4. Sleep Shorts

ShortOrder 200px 25278 Travel in Comfort & StyleThis simple pattern is one you can complete in a few hours. Plus, it’s suitable for a number of different woven fabrics: cotton sateen, silky faille, voile, flannel and more. Embroider a holiday-themed design onto the left pant leg hem or add freestanding lace trim to the shorts along the hem. These can be luxe or comfy, depending on fabric choice!

5. Eye Mask

3443.14SW01C Travel in Comfort & StyleDrown out the light in your brother’s basement, on the airplane or in your hotel room with a padded, appliqued sleep mask. Make one for every member of your family before you head out of town. Swap the applique for some embroidery designs and you’re all set! Better yet, make them in the hoop.

 Travel in Comfort & Style
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