LBD Sewing Pattern Review: New Look 6206

More than any time of the year the last few months require us to have a little black dress to wear to holiday office parties, family gatherings, or watching the local Nutcracker ballet. We’ve have our very own editors showing off their version of the LBD. Some are black, others are a bit   more colorful, but all are appropriate for a festive night out on the town.

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Jill Case, Web Producerlbd jill 300x300 LBD Sewing Pattern Review: New Look 6206

Pattern: New Look 6206

Fabric: Knit

Size: 6

The Backstory: For as much black as I wear I don’t own anything close to a little black dress.  When this assignment came up I had a hard time making and sticking with my decision. There are so many cute dress patterns out now, then ask me to make a decision on fabric and I almost didn’t make the deadline. In fact I was sewing up a completely different look the night before the photo shoot.

I ended up choosing the New Look 6206 halter dress. It’s one of those garments that when I put it on I absolutely love it. I think it makes for a great LBD because of its versatility. Add some splashy jewelry and it’s perfect for a night out. Pair it with a cropped jean jacket and it’s cute for an outdoor concert or picnic. The length makes it especially dramatic, as does the plunging neckline. The neckline can easily be adjusted for a more modest look but tightening up the straps. This dress sews up fast, including cutting out less than an hour. I made my LBD out of a dark but colorful knit, so I’m still lacking a true little black dress. Back to the sewing room for me.

Any adjustments: I did need to take in the back by quite a bit. I have a narrow upper chest and back. I took in the elastic by approximately two inches.

Mini review: This pattern is easy and fast to sew. If you need a dramatic dress but are crunched for time, this is the dress pattern for you. Because of the use of knits, there is little fitting and sewing time is well under two hours.

jill LBD Sewing Pattern Review: New Look 6206

 LBD Sewing Pattern Review: New Look 6206
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