Sewing Inspiration – Cruise Wear For Dress and Casual

The week before Christmas, I was lucky enough to take a Caribbean cruise with several family members. We had been planning the cruise for almost a year, so of course, I had it in mind as I sewed over the course of the year. In the end, I wore a homemade garment every day of the cruise! While I was having too much fun to remember to ask someone to get a picture of me every day (Amanda’s better at that sort of thing), I did get some. Read on to see me in my Me-Made cruisewear.

Lago Butterflies e1514410519563 168x300 Sewing Inspiration   Cruise Wear For Dress and CasualThis is our first day at sea, early in the day in my stateroom. I’m wearing a Lago tank from Itch-to-Stitch with contrasting ribbed neck and arm bands. I made this one just a few weeks before the trip with leftover fabric from a Willow tank I made earlier this year (which I wore on the day we left the ship). It’s a little shorter than a normal Lago because I was a little short on fabric. That’s also why I did the contrasting bands — there wasn’t enough fabric left to make matching ones!



Lago Coral e1514410379724 225x300 Sewing Inspiration   Cruise Wear For Dress and CasualThe next day I wore another Lago tank to visit the Chacchoban Mayan ruins in Mexico, but my husband had wandered off somewear and I had to take a selfie, so you can’t see much of it. It looks pretty similar to the other one, but with matching bands. It’s made out of leftover fabric from the Walking on Sunset dress from Sew It All Volume 11, which I made the sample for. The Lago and Grainline Studio’s Willow Tank are both great patterns to turn to when you have a yard or so of leftover fabric. You should be able to make one out of less than a yard of 52”-wide fabric.


Gallery Dress e1514410443759 225x300 Sewing Inspiration   Cruise Wear For Dress and CasualMy current favorite pattern is the Gallery Dress from Liesl + Co. It’s super comfortable and I love the way it hangs. I decided I needed to make a short-sleeved version for the cruise. The fabric is broadcloth that I got on sale, making the total cost of this dress about $7, as I already had the pattern and other supplies. I shortened the sleeve pattern, then embroidered the seahorse from Creative Machine Embroidery’s Beachcomber collection at the lower left for a little extra flair. I wore this dress in a chocolate-making workshop on the island of Cozumel!


 Up In Arms e1514410353824 225x300 Sewing Inspiration   Cruise Wear For Dress and Casual

On our last sea day, I decided to wear my beloved breezy Up in Arms blouse. It’s one of my favorite Sew News patterns, and the lightweight voile it’s made of is perfect for a hot day.

 Sewing Inspiration   Cruise Wear For Dress and CasualIf you read Sew News, you’ve probably already seen my “little black dress” featured in the Dec/Jan issue. When I was choosing the pattern and fabric, I did it with the cruise in mind — that’s why I chose the Josie Sundress as my pattern. I wore the dress for dinner and entertainment on two of the seven nights of the cruise. My 14-year-old niece was pretty impressed that I had made it myself. She had some trouble believing it really came from a single piece of flat fabric; she seemed to think that it might have been from some kind of kit where some parts were pre-constructed. She lives across the country, but I think I need to get her to come for a visit and teach her how to sew!

I also wore several Willow tanks and one more Lago tank on the cruise, but unfortunately don’t have pictures of them. I was pretty proud of myself for amassing a large enough collection of warm-weather handmade garments that I could wear at least one every day.

You can find the Gallery Tunic/Dress, the Up in Arms Blouse, the Josie Sundress, and the Seahorse embroidery design at

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 Sewing Inspiration   Cruise Wear For Dress and Casual
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