Winter Games Opening Ceremony Fashions

Winter Games–Snowsuit Fashion at its Finest

GettyImages 914551306 Winter Games Opening Ceremony Fashions

I’m excited about the opening ceremony this Friday. I love watching as the teams from each country file into the stadium and fill it with color and personality. Usually the opening ceremony looks are glorified snowsuits–oversized coats with snowpants and perhaps some sort of accessory that unifies the group–a scarf, hat or statement shoe (or all of the above). Here’s a look at the 2014 looks to get you amped for what’s to come in a few days.

Here are athletes from Ireland, donning all shades of green, including bright green shoes. The navy and white striped hat was a bit lost on me, but if it were green too that would take the look too far.

GettyImages 467635001 Winter Games Opening Ceremony FashionsThe British Virgin Islands Olympic team also wore green, paired with a Harry-Potter-esque yellow scarf. I didn’t love this look, but hey–there were only five athletes. I’m guessing a big name designer didn’t want to be bothered with these guys.GettyImages 467628955 Winter Games Opening Ceremony FashionsUkraine athletes also had yellow scarves, but these looked hand knitted. Paired with a funky printed jacket, the gals and guys looked pretty cool (and kind of like Ikea employees).

GettyImages 467627393 Winter Games Opening Ceremony FashionsTeam USA came in intricate patterned sweaters, white ski pants and matching hats. The shawl collar was a bit dated for me, but the sweaters looked comfy and I can only imagine the work that went into making each and every one.

GettyImages 467628215 Winter Games Opening Ceremony FashionsThe looks for 2018 were unveiled in November of last year and Ralph Lauren and Nike are making headlines with their innovation. The team’s opening ceremony parkas are constructed using heat-conducting ink! No one will freeze in Pyeongchang, as long as the batteries hold up.

Screen Shot 2018 02 05 at 12.32.41 PM Winter Games Opening Ceremony Fashionsphoto courtesy of Ralph Lauren.

The same technology was used to create the closing ceremony bomber jackets, too.

Screen Shot 2018 02 05 at 12.34.38 PM Winter Games Opening Ceremony Fashions@poloralphlauren/Instagram

I love the looks this year and can’t wait to see them all walking in together. Go Team USA!


 Winter Games Opening Ceremony Fashions
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