Top Kimono Sewing Patterns – A Roundup

Here’s our top kimono sewing patterns.

Springtime is kimono time, friends! Seriously, there is no better layering piece for this transitional season (except maybe my other favorite: cardigans!).

Kimonos provide coverage while also being feminine and stylish, they’re perfect for all the slippery fabrics in your stash you’ve been avoiding, they’re an easy way to wear tanks and camis off-season and they’re fairly easy to sew and fit, even if you new to garments.

Kimono Wrap Post Top Kimono Sewing Patterns   A RoundupHere are a few of our favorite kimono wrap sewing patterns, in a variety of cuts and shapes, to consider this kimono season.

Kochi Kimono by Papercut Patterns
The Kochi is a fan favorite and looks great in every fabric! Bonus, there are multiple design options to customize your look. The modern cropped length keeps the kimono shape manageable, so you won’t get swallowed by fabric. This might be my favorite, in terms of blending traditional and modern.

kochikimonopattern 274x300 Top Kimono Sewing Patterns   A RoundupBreezy Blouse by Sew News
Slightly oversized, this kimono-style blouse includes buttons for a more secure closure option – but you could easily leave them off or use a single button instead. The fuller sleeve and split hem offer upscale design details, for coverage and style.

breezyblouse kimono pattern 244x300 Top Kimono Sewing Patterns   A RoundupLace Kimono 07/2011 #124 by BurdaStyle
Combine a traditional kimono shape with lace for a chic summer layer that pairs with jeans or trousers for a formal look, complete with satin trim. I’m thinking wedding kimono.

lacekimonopattern 281x300 Top Kimono Sewing Patterns   A RoundupKimono Jacket 02/2018 #105 by BurdaStyle
For a bit more coverage in the form of a nice lightweight jacket option, this classic kimono jacket is a great pick. Sewn up in a slightly more stable fabric, this design offers a unique balance of comfort and flow. (That’s it, I’m making one!)

kimono jacket pattern 244x300 Top Kimono Sewing Patterns   A RoundupVenus Kimono by SewThisPattern
For a different look more akin to a classic dolman, the Venus Kimono offers a curvy take on the classic kimono shape. With cut-on sleeves and simple shoulder darts, this design is a bit more cocoony, perfect for beach days.

venuskimonopattern 248x300 Top Kimono Sewing Patterns   A RoundupAsaka Kimono by Named
Check out these sleeves!!! If you need a statement kimono in your life, you should check out the Asaka. It’s got the length and lines of a traditional robe (and we’re totally okay with that!), but the split sleeves make for a swooshy layer that’s high on drama.

asakakimonopattern 255x300 Top Kimono Sewing Patterns   A Roundup

kimono fs 1000 690x1024 Top Kimono Sewing Patterns   A RoundupWant to draft your own? We’ve got expert instructions in our April/May 2017 issue of Sew News (for only 5.99!) You’ll find instructions for how to draft a classic kimono plus how to draft for different types of fabric. And, tips and tricks for making this kimono super lux with French seams and more! Find the issue here!

 Top Kimono Sewing Patterns   A Roundup
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