Want to go to Italy?

Imagine this: You wake up in Italy with a full itinerary that you didn’t have to plan yourself.

After getting dressed, you have breakfast with other sewists, discuss the plan for the day and get on a bus to travel and see the sights.

Screen Shot 2018 04 17 at 11.30.54 AM Want to go to Italy?


Your day is full of sewing-related activities, like touring a thread factory and leather studio, with plenty of shopping, eating and socializing along the way. You make new friends and visit new places all with a tour guide who speaks the language.

Cinque Terra BS 859355314 Want to go to Italy?

Getty Image: Cinque Terra

This is what happens when you sign up for the BurdaStyle Italy tour through Craftours! Plus, BurdaStyle editor Meg Healy and yours truly, Sew News editor Ellen March, get to come along, too. Meg and I are planning some extra activities for the bus rides as we travel to and from each destination. And we can’t wait to get to know you!

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Getty Image: Pisa

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Europe but have been scared at the prospect of not knowing the language, not being able to navigate from city to city, or if something else has been holding you back–this is the tour for you.

DUOMO Milan BS 890686656 Want to go to Italy?

Getty Image: Duomo di Firenze in Florence

I can’t wait to get a leather bag (and maybe some shoes) in Florence. The quality is astounding, plus the prices are super affordable. And then there’s the cooking lesson at a vineyard! We will be making our own pasta and drinking wine while we do it. (I’m allergic to wine, but I’ve been assured it’s still fun!) Not to mention the fabric shopping…

Tuscany BS 664817870 Want to go to Italy?

Getty Image: Old Village In Tuscany

I hope you’ll come along!


 Want to go to Italy?
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9 Responses to Want to go to Italy?

  1. Joanna Wells says:

    I,m a very active senior who loves to travel and sew and it would be heaven to combine the two. Can one meet you there without the airfare and if so, what would the price be without the Rome addition? Thank you, Joanna wells 386-760-0661

  2. Glenda Malone says:

    Please send information regarding joining the tour.

  3. Rita Donohue says:

    Need deposit date and amount due at that time. Need total cost of trip and an idea of additional cost while in Italy. Are most meals included? I don”t eat meat or sausage, do I have to plan meats ahead of time? I will travel alone.
    What about the money exchange, when shopping in small villages, towns and factories will they take a credit card.
    Suggested clothing for the terrain and weather would be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance for all your help and guidance.

  4. Pamela Rieger says:

    What is the sign-up process and how many people will be on the tour? I will be traveling alone; what are the accommodations like? Is there an immediate deposit and a subsequent payoff date? Please get back with me with all the details.

  5. Carma Buschman says:

    Please tell us the price up front. No sense in getting excited about something I may not be able to afford at this time. :)