Mother’s Day Gift of a Lifetime!

Take your mom/daughter to Italy—a great Mother’s Day gift!

Have you heard? Ellen March, Sew News content director and Sew it All TV host is going to Italy on a fashion tour with BurdaStyle’s Meg Healy this fall. And you can come too! Limited spots are available and the tour registration closes next week, so it’s time to commit and make sure your passport is valid! Read on to learn more about the tour and take the leap to have the best vacation ever.

IMG 2914 e1525804648822 Mothers Day Gift of a Lifetime!Hi Meg! I can’t wait to go to Italy with you this fall. It sounds like such an amazing trip. Tell everyone a bit about the tour.

This tour is all about fashion in Italy – where it is made, how it is made, and everything in between. It is great trip if you haven’t or even have been to Italy before, it hits all the hot spots in terms of site seeing and has plenty of prearranged experiences, like fabric factory tours, and studio visits that you couldn’t have found yourself.

IMG 2634 e1525805126137 Mothers Day Gift of a Lifetime!What’s the best part about an organized tour like this?

For me, it was that I didn’t have to plan a thing – everything was taken care of and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy all the things that Italy has to offer.

SITE SEEING e1525804745824 Mothers Day Gift of a Lifetime!Are we always traveling with the group or is there alone time, too?

The majority of the tour is with everyone, but there is also lots of opportunity to enjoy Italy on your own.  Most evenings you are able to wander and enjoy dinner on your own, and in the major shopping destinations like Florence there are times allotted for plenty of shopping and eating! Also, the tour guide is fabulous at establishing meeting points and times for those who choose to “opt out” of certain activities or day trips if they prefer to do their own thing – it is very accommodating.

What was your favorite part about last year’s tour?

There were two experiences that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I know my tour mates did as well. First off, our evening trip to a family-run Tuscany Winery and cooking school where we learned how to make fresh pasta and then indulged in a 5-course meal with wine pairings.

IMG 3218 Mothers Day Gift of a Lifetime!Then the behind the scenes tour of a modern fabric printing factory where we saw designer fabric prints being made by silk screening, digital prints, and weaving – let’s just say it was so exclusive we couldn’t even take pictures of what we saw since they were the fabrics in preparation for future runway shows in Paris, Milan, and London.

IMG 2597 Mothers Day Gift of a Lifetime!

What was the best thing you ate?

 I’m really not a pasta loving person back home – but in Italy the Carbonara was just divine I had in Florence on our walking tour lunch break.

IMG 2886 Mothers Day Gift of a Lifetime!I also thoroughly enjoyed every Caprese salad I had, and especially this one seaside with a refreshing glass of Prosecco while we explored the little towns of Cinque Terre.

Did you go shopping? What was your favorite item that you bought?

Oh yes I went shopping! Before dinner one evening in Montecatini Terme I popped in a few shops and found these amazing leather boots – I knew going into the trip that I just had to purchase some leather shoes and these were perfect. A new friend I made on the tour went shopping with me and also bought the same pair!

BOOTS Mothers Day Gift of a Lifetime!Did you have to spend a lot of money aside from the tour cost?

The only extra money you have to spend is on personal shopping and some dinners and lunches! Every breakfast is included (and omg, the hotel Italian breakfast spreads are amazing), and all travel and admissions are covered as well. So depending on your shopping habits and taste for fine cuisine  – you can spend what is in your budget.

You traveled alone. Did you make friends? Were you nervous traveling by yourself?

In the beginning I was a bit nervous about travelling alone, but literally as soon as I hopped of the plane in Milan I was surrounded by an excited group of tour mates. There were mostly groups of two – husbands with their wives, best friends, mothers and daughters but there were also a number of people that travelled by themselves. I saw friendships forms between groups and individuals and even made some new friends myself! By the end of the trip one tour mate gathered every one’s email so that we could still all be connected.

Yes! I love mother/daughter trips! I’m bringing my mom to celebrate her 70th birthday. I can’t wait to spend this quality time with her experiencing the scenery, great food and sewing-related activities.  It will be an experience we will never forget, I’m sure. Can you gift the tour? Sounds like a great Mother’s Day present!

Yes totally! This tour would make a Mother’s Day present that one wouldn’t forget.

What if you want to find your own airfare? Are there options?

Many people actually chose the “land only” fare option ($3,097) since they made their own flight arrangements to further explore Italy or other parts of Europe.

How are the hotel accommodations?

So nice! I love a good hotel and every one we stayed in Italy was fabulous. My favorite was the Grand Hotel & La Pace, which we stayed for the majority of the trip in Montecatini Terme. It was a quintessential European classic hotel and made the whole experience authentic.

GRAND HOTEL LA PACE e1525804979479 Mothers Day Gift of a Lifetime!

Will anything be different this year?

This year we are putting together some great surprises for the bus rides including a group craft and other fun goodies!

Can’t wait!

We really hope you can join us. Call 815-663-4046 or Toll-Free at: 877-887-1188 - USA or Canada for more info about the tour and/or to register. Or visit the Craftours website.

 Mothers Day Gift of a Lifetime!
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