New Issue Of Sew News! Summer Sewing At It’s Best!

It’s MeMadeMay and our sewing lists are growing, friends! Look the pages of the June/July issue of Sew News for tips, techniques, insights, inspiration and more to sew the perfect summer wardrobe. There’s so much to love in this issue – I can’t wait to tell you about it all!SN10618 221x300 New Issue Of Sew News! Summer Sewing At Its Best!

Isn’t it nice to have a group of sewers testing patterns for you? We hope our staff pattern reviews have been helpful to you, especially this month! So far, we’ve covered pants, LBDs and t-shirt sewing patterns. In this issue, we reviewed 10 different tank top patterns on 10 different body types. Find the perfect one for you!

SN10618 6 221x300 New Issue Of Sew News! Summer Sewing At Its Best!

I have a few favorite skirt patterns I love to sew on repeat. In this issue, we’ve got tips for adding a neat center button placket and experimenting with two hems – curved and hi-low split hem – to help you make the most of patterns you already have.

We also delve into swimwear – the good, the lessons learned and the transformative impact swimsuit sewing can have with thoughts from the sewing community and pattern recommendations. Plus, fit expert Rae Cumbie shares her tips for fitting swimsuits and picking the right silhouette (spoiler alert: pick a suit that makes you feel confident!).

SN10618 1 200x300 New Issue Of Sew News! Summer Sewing At Its Best!

If you’ve got any bags on your summer sewing list – I know I do!! – take a look at our cork sewing article, written by bag designing phenom Sara Lawson. Cork sews up similar to vinyl – and maybe even more easily? – for a textured, durable look perfect for summer bags. We’ve also got a pattern for the cutest watermelon-themed handbag by Michelle Morris.

SN10618 2 200x300 New Issue Of Sew News! Summer Sewing At Its Best!

Plan your summer makes with words of wisdom from Rachel Pinheiro, of House of Pinheiro. A talented sewist and fashion sewing icon, Rachel shares her tips for creating a balanced wardrobe full of workhorse basics, statement pieces and seasonal looks.

Thinking about making extra cash with your sewing skills? Columnist Abby Glassenberg  considers the pros and cons of turning a hobby into a business and shares insights from a variety of industry professionals.

We’ve also packed a ton of cut projects into this issue! Pick from  a sunny paper-pieced lemon table runner, a flowy and flirty summer dress, a collared pintuck tank, a mesh maxi cover-up and more.

Screen Shot 2018 05 14 at 11.43.49 AM 242x300 New Issue Of Sew News! Summer Sewing At Its Best!

 New Issue Of Sew News! Summer Sewing At Its Best!
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7 Responses to New Issue Of Sew News! Summer Sewing At It’s Best!

  1. Vickie says:

    I really like the cork purse but it is a nice pattern also that could be made of anything. Where is the pattern or where can it be purchased??

  2. Sara says:

    I am really digging the latest issue, the photography is excellent and I am looking forward to trying out the sew along BurdaStyle wrap top!

    You listed your favorite sewing movies, and I wanted to play along with my favorites: Kamikaze Girls (trailer at is an early 2000s Japanese movie with inflections of anime and manga and the fun offbeat story of Momoko, a “Lolita girl” who sews to create the wardrobe of her dreams (and steals to buy what she can’t make). It’s tough to find (at least with English subtitles in America), but worth a try.

    I also love all the soapy television series with a fashion theme; you noted The Time in Between, and I am also enjoying Velvet and Velvet Coleccion (Spanish, on Netflix, set in an elegant department store in Madrid and then Barcelona, in the fifties and sixties), Atelier (Japanese on Netflix, set in a contemporary high end lingerie business) and The Collection (American, set in a Paris fashion house in the fifties, on Amazon Prime). All of them spend lots of time exalting the importance of skilled sewists in making high fashion, great workroom scenes, and fantastic shots of the clothes.

    It’s always a treat to share great movie and tv tips! Thanks.

  3. Rose Marie says:

    I subscribe to Sew News. I sew. I like tank tops…. but I also tuck in my tops. I don’t like the over the stomach look. I wear belts and would like to see tuck-in-able views of some of these patterns.

    • Jill says:

      Good point. I like to tuck in my tops too!

      • Anita Hicks says:

        It is good to see how long the tops length is so a tall or short person can have an idea of where it will sit on them and almost any garment can be belted or tucked in as to what the wearer preferes. The pictures are more for reference to the finished length even though the pattern size chart should have the neck to waist measurement.

    • Samina says:

      You’re so lucky that tucked in tops look good on you. Some of us are not quite so fortunate. Our shapes demand an untucked look. :) . Lovely projects in the new Sew News.

      • Kathleen C says:

        I was thinking the same thing. Since I gained weight during the change of life process, no longer tuck shirt in.