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Sew News is pleased to announce the 2016 edition of Sewing in America. Sew News will release the full study in October 2016 and present an overview at International Quilt Market October 29-31 in Houston, TX. The research is independently produced by Hart Business Research, a recognized leader in studies of creative markets. The Sewing in America study was last conducted in 2004, making this report a much-needed update. The new study explores important 2016 topics including social media, trends in project types and fabrics, and online versus brick-and-mortar shopping habits. The goal of the study is to provide the entire sewing community with a current picture of sewing and provides a detailed picture of sewing enthusiasts and the overall sewing market in the USA in 2016.


Hart Business Research independently produced Sewing in America 2016 for F+W Media, the underwriter of this study and the nation’s largest provider of sewing content and communities. Hart specializes in studies of creative markets and conducted this 2016 research in three parts:

  • Three questions via Research Now’s Online Caravan U.S. omnibus survey
  • 39-question survey completed by more than 15,000 sewing enthusiasts
  • Analysis of data from these surveys plus third-party sources including the U.S. Census’s Survey of Public Participation in the Arts, Google Trends, and other Hart studies

Report Contents

  • U.S. sewing market size by number of participants and spending
  • Profile of sewing enthusiasts
  • Key trends in sewing market
  • Sewing survey results



Please thank the following sponsors of Sewing in America 2016. Their partnership with F+W Media made this study possible and ensures the future of our industry:

  • Burda Style
  • Cotton + Steel
  • Fairfield Processing
  • Moda Fabrics/United Notions
  • Tacony Corporation

Get the 2016 Study

Follow the Sew News Blog for an announcement in October when the study is released. The ebook of Sewing in America 2016 will be available for $149 and a free executive summary will be available to everyone in October 2016.


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